Quick facts:

  • Count: 40 graphing calculators (29 distinct models), 2 of which are prototypes (2 distinct models)
  • By series: 8x TI-68k, 10x TI-Z80, 1x TI-Nspire, 7x HP-ARM, 1x Casio-SH3, 3x Casio-SH4, 7x HP-Saturn, 1x Casio-Hitachi, 1x Casio-Other, 1x TI-eZ80
  • Oldest one: a TI-89 manufactured in August 1999
  • Latest one: a TI-Nspire CX II CAS manufactured in September 2019

Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
I 0400 D 2.09 Fair keyboard cover lost
P 0612 L 3.10 Worn
I 0202 A 2.09 Good Some blank vertical lines on LCD(varies from 0 to 3)
I 0904 G 2.09 Good
I 1103 B 1.19/Boot 1.00 Good The third graphing calculator I get in my life.
S 0305 C 2.55MP/Boot 1.02 Fair This one has a TA3 ASIC. Has scratches on screen. Keyboard cover lost.
K 1111 pre-A 2.55MP/Boot 1.03 Good This one has a TA1 ASIC.
TI-82 Plus Proto
K EVT-001 1.19/Boot 1.01 Good
S 0303 B 1.19/Boot 1.00 New
I 0104 B 1.19/Boot 1.00 New in box CD(s) Screen is of low contrast. The LCD is poorly aligned to the case.
I 0899 C 2.09 New
I 0801 K 1.6 Worn
N 0919 AI New
C 2.1.14588 New
02.01.0200 New
02.02.2201 New
HP48-R Good
Good Have the battery door semi-broken.
HP48-R Worn Manual(s) Have the front half of case swapped with a broken HP 48G due to the damage I made to its original one. It has a faulty port 2, too...
HP48-R New
HP49-C New Manual(s), CD(s) Weird noise comes out if I shake it.
HP48-C New It needs 4 AAA batteries instead of 3.
02.02.0201 Fair Keyboard cover lost
Broken Technically not broken, but most keys have connection issues.To make it work, I have to apply pressure to its front panel near screen. Bad physical condition.
Fair Rounded white case
Broken The divide key is broken. It looks good anyway.
Worn This is the first calculator I get in my life. I spend 2 years playing it everyday. It's buggy but powerful.
I 0202 A 2.09 Good Some blank vertical lines on LCD(varies from 0 to 1)
I 0202 A 2.09 Good The second graphing calculator I get in my life.
I 0202 A 2.09 Fair
Worn Battery door lost. I bought it for its screen but kept it somehow.
Poor Keyboard cover lost, leaked LCD.
S 0305 C 2.55MP/Boot 1.02 New Faceplate(s) This one has a TA3 ASIC. A bit yellow on the top, decent otherwise.
K EVT2-177 OS/Boot 1.1 EVT2 #2004 Good OS base address is $030000 rather than $010000 (Zeroko finds this). USB is not working. Assembly programs cannot return to OS safely. Has a special exception handler that shows all registers. All FLASH sectors are unlocked.
S N/A H 2.40/Boot 1.02 Broken Faceplate(s) This one has a TA1 ASIC.
This has green-ish yellow keyboard cover, screen surrounding, faceplate and keys.
It has severe corrosion on the lower half of the PCB, thus several keys are not functioning.
It looks great from outside anyway.
K 0413 A 4.0/Boot 4.0 Good Faceplate(s) It's so pink!!!