Davit Markarian


Quick facts:

  • Count: 3 graphing calculators (3 distinct models), 0 of which are prototypes
  • By series: 1x TI-Z80, 1x TI-eZ80, 0x TI-68k, 1x TI-Nspire, 0x TI-PET, 0x TI-Other, 0x NumWorks
  • Oldest one: a TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition manufactured in May 2014
  • Latest one: a TI-Nspire CX II-T CAS manufactured in March 2019

Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Photo & Comment
L 0516 C 1053007669 Boot:, OS: TI-OS Fair Box, Manual(s), Faceplate(s) 2017-09-04 Standard black color.
K 0514 H 1164254108 BOOT 4.0 BASE 4.0 Good Faceplate(s) 2019-06-27 Standard white with black faceplate.
N 0319 AC 3925002453 OS Version: - Boot ROM: - Boot Loader Version: New Box, Manual(s), CD(s), Faceplate(s) 2019-09-05 Came with TI Nspire CAS Student Software.