Louis Becquey — Lyon, France
Bio-informatics student


Quick facts:

  • Count: 16 graphing calculators (14 distinct models), 2 of which are prototypes (1 distinct models)
  • By series: 9x TI-Z80, 1x TI-eZ80, 0x TI-68k, 5x TI-Nspire, 0x TI-PET, 1x TI-Other, 0x NumWorks
  • Oldest one: a TI-80 manufactured in February 1997
  • Latest one: a TI-83 Premium CE manufactured in February 2015

Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Photo & Comment
K 0311 1024004247 Good Manual(s)
I 0297 C 36154789 Fair
S 0403 A 2192058149 Good
S 0304 B 2011056902 Good Manual(s), CD(s) A name and a candidate number has been printed on both calculator and cover by an older owner
TI-Nspire Proto
B-P3-DVT2.0-1770 Free Boot1 1.19999 + OS 3.1 CAS Good Prototype not for sale
TI-Nspire Proto
A-P3-DVT2.0-0130 Good Prototype not for sale
S 0507 2016033871 Good • Customized
P 0911 2018000221 Broken The manuf has been reflashed using a bad tool (modified version of nsNandMgr). The calculator does not start.
S 0407 K 2844068702 Good Manual(s), CD(s) Customized.
L 0215 A 1023007770 New Manual(s), CD(s)
P 0312 D 2135011732 Fair Manual(s), CD(s) • Customized. Has been disassembled and reassembled several times.
I 1299 N 49405298 Fair Customized.
K 0414 C 1035021011 New Manual(s), CD(s)
S 0505 D 2154036281 Fair • Customized at the Cemetech Colours.
P 0411 2117000244 New
0198 I 63201274 Fair The full serial number is 63201274 CBL1-0198I. I guess CBL1 is about the TI-CBL1 data collector. There is no factory letter, but a mention "made in Taiwan".