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Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
New LeGmask
Good Oliv!er
Good Tituya
New Tituya
New in box critor
New in box critor
New in box critor
811AW73QA002422 03.60.2202 Good Dubs
811AW73QA007381 03.20.2202 Good Dominique-59
811AW76QA022526 Good Bisam
811AW86QA037071 03.60.2202 New SlyVTT
C811AXW012703CB_E1 03.60.2202 Good Gky93
0317 811AW73QA001435 Boot 2017.0106.2008 critor
0317 811AW73QA001511 Boot 2017.0106.2008 critor
0517 811AW75QA019408 Boot 2017.0106.2008 critor
0618 811AW86QA038770 Boot 2017.0106.2008 critor