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Quick facts:

  • Count: 55 graphing calculators (35 distinct models), 4 of which are prototypes (4 distinct models) View collection picture
  • By series: 9x TI-68k, 18x TI-Z80, 2x TI-Nspire, 7x HP-ARM, 1x Casio-SH3, 4x Casio-SH4, 8x HP-Saturn, 1x Casio-Hitachi, 2x Casio-Other, 3x TI-eZ80
  • Oldest calculator: a TI-89 manufactured in August 1999
  • Newest calculator: a TI-Nspire CX II CAS manufactured in September 2019
  • Achievements:
    • Total earned: 14 (among which 0 feat of strength achievements and 0 secret achievements)

Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
I 0400 D 2.09 Fair 2022-01-04 Keyboard cover lost. Contrast of the screen is lighter than another TI-89 I have.
P 0612 L 3.10 Worn 2021-12-07
I 0202 A 1380V04340 2.09 Good 2021-04-14 Some blank vertical lines on LCD(varies from 4 to 7)
(EDIT: It has more broken lines now)
I 0904 G 2.09 Good 2022-03-18 Slight corrosion on battery contacts on PCB.
I 1103 B 1.19/Boot 1.00 Good 2019 The third graphing calculator I get in my life.
S 0305 C 2.55MP/Boot 1.02 Worn 2020-09-22 This one has a TA3 ASIC. Has scratches on screen. Keyboard cover lost.
K 1111 pre-A 2.55MP/Boot 1.03 Good 2021-08-05 This one has a TA1 ASIC.
TI-82 Plus Proto
K EVT-001 1.19/Boot 1.01 Good 2021-08-03
S 0303 B 1.19/Boot 1.00 New 2021-03-30 It has its LCD ribbon cable replaced due to abnormally long LCD delay caused by bad ribbon cable. The LCD board is now connected to MB by several coated silver wires.
I 0104 B 1.19/Boot 1.00 New in box CD(s) 2020-12-04 Screen is of low contrast. The LCD is poorly aligned to the case.
I 0899 C 2.09 New 2021-07-11
I 0801 K 1.6 Worn 2021-07-11 It has 2 unstable horizontal lines now.
(EDIT: It has much more broken lines now)
N 0919 AI New 2020-10-25
C 2.1.14588 New 2021-05-24
? 02.01.0200 New 2020-08-01 Previous owner has flashed the OS of fx-9860GII into it.
? 02.02.2201 New 2020-07-28
HP48-R Good 2021-07-01 Had been taken apart to repair the ON-key issue.
Good 2021-02-18
Good 2021-05-12 Have the battery door semi-broken.
HP48-R Worn Manual(s) 2020-09-06 Have the front half of case swapped with a broken HP 48G due to the damage I made to its original one. It has a faulty port 2, too...
HP48-R New 2020-10-13
HP49-C New Manual(s), CD(s) 2020 Weird noise comes out if I shake it.
It needs 3 AAA batteries only.
HP48-C New 2020 It needs 4 AAA batteries instead of 3.
? 02.02.0201 Fair 2021-12-03 Keyboard cover lost
Broken 2020-09-12 Technically not broken, but most keys have connection issues.To make it work, I have to apply pressure to its front panel near screen. Bad physical condition.
Has name "MICHAEL CORSANO" etched below screen and "MC" on the back.
Fair 2020-10-10
Fair 2020-10-10
? Fair 2020-11-27 Rounded white case
? Broken 2021-04-22 The divide key is broken. It looks good anyway.
(EDIT: carbon trace is degraded)
New 2020-10-22
Worn 2018-12-29 This is the first calculator I get in my life. I spent 2 years on programming it. It's buggy but powerful.
I 0202 A 1380V04139 2.09 Good 2021-12-24 Some blank vertical lines on LCD(varies from 0 to 1)
I 0202 A 1380V01969 2.09 Good 2019-04 The second graphing calculator I get in my life.
I 0202 A 1370V04502 2.09 Fair 2020-08-18 Some blank vertical lines on LCD(varies from 0 to 3)
Worn 2020-11-20 Battery door lost. I bought it for its screen but kept it somehow.
? Poor 2022-04-18 Keyboard cover lost, leaked LCD.
S 0305 C 2.55MP/Boot 1.02 New 2022-05-09 This one has a TA3 ASIC. A bit yellow on the top, decent otherwise.
K EVT2-177 OS/Boot 1.1 EVT2 #2004 Good 2022-05-13 OS base address is $030000 rather than $010000 (Zeroko finds this). USB is not working. Assembly programs cannot return to OS safely. Has a special exception handler that shows all registers. All FLASH sectors are unprotected(see left one in the picture).
TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Proto
S N/A H 2.40/Boot 1.02 New Faceplate(s) 2022-06-15 This one has a TA1 ASIC.
It has green-ish yellow keyboard cover, screen surrounding, faceplate and keys.
It has severe corrosion on the lower half of the PCB, thus several keys are not functioning. (Edit: Someone helped me fix it, and it's now functioning correctly.)
It has no serial on the back. The factory and HW information are speculated (Thanks LogicalJoe)
(Edit: Added a photo taken by the seller)
K 0413 A 4.0/Boot 4.0 Good Faceplate(s) 2022-06-20 It's so pink!!!
L 1117 L Good 2022-07-06 It has a very crappy LCD screen, which uses dithering to emulate more colors.
It is a bit slower than the prototype 83PCE I have.
S 0605 C 2.30/Boot 1.02 Good 2022-07-22 This one has a TA3 ASIC. ViewScreen port needs to be tested.
(EDIT: ViewScreen port tested to be working.)
L 0216 C 5.1.50019/Boot Worn 2022-08-20 The screen protection layer got pressure marks from keyboard cover. It has a better LCD than later models.
S 0305 B 2.30/Boot 1.02 Fair 2022-08-18 This one has a TA3 ASIC.
Bought for documentation, PCB picture merged by Adriweb.
Broken 2022-08-08 It has a very broken screen. Other parts(including keyboard) are working as expected. Comes with COGO48 ROM card and keyboard overlay.
P1R2-DVT2.0- 1326 1.1.8408 2007-04-04/Boot1 1.1.8129/Boot2 1.1.8310 Fair 2022-09-12 Keyboard cover and battery door lost.
It has corrosion on battery contacts.
PCB code P1R2/P3_LB_PVT_2430
S 0304 pre-A 2.53MP/Boot 1.00 Fair 2022-09-23 This one has a TA2 ASIC.
Has a scratch on screen.
Has a worn and dirty slide case.
Previous owner had disassembled it and attached two metal strips to battery contacts on PCB.
K 0109 N 2.43/Boot 1.02 Good 2022-08-01 This one has a TA1 ASIC.
Bought for documentation but I decided to keep it for a bit longer :P
K 0514 H 4.2/Boot 4.0 Fair 2022-08-29 Someone seems to have used it to stir some shampoo-like fragrant goo, it tooks hours to clean the inside.
P 0612 L 2971001927 3.10 New 2022-10-06 Some battery fluids gets in.
It is just so shiny I love it.
TI-83 Plus
Blue (translucent) 
S 0906 K 2785000965 1.19/Boot 1.01 New 2022-10-10 This one has TI-738X & T6K04.
The battery contacts on PCB is severely corroded, but luckily it still powers.
There are some very grossy substances in the case, but luckily most of them are cleaned.
Name: Exilia, wiped using alcohol.
S 0303 K 1.6 Good 2022-10-19 It looks okay, but 3 keys at the bottom right do not work.
(EDIT 22/10/29: soldered a tiny wire and it works now. Thanks Zeroko for keyboard wiring information)
02.04.0701 New 2022-10-29 It's so cheap(8$) I failed to stop myself.
K 1213 B 2.55MP/Boot 1.03 Worn 2022-12-07 Noticable corrosion in battery compartment. Worn screen protector & case.
New 2022-12-08 This one has a green case.
It's probably never used, the little warning sticker in battery compartment is still there.