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Kévin Ouellet — Quebec, Canada
Music producer and TI-BASIC programmer
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Collection Calculators Accessories

Quick facts:

  • Count: 22 graphing calculators (22 distinct models) View collection picture
  • By series: 5x TI-Z80, 3x TI-eZ80, 6x HP-ARM, 3x Casio-Hitachi, 1x Casio-SH3, 1x Casio-SH4, 1x Casio-V30MX, 1x Sharp, 1x TI-68k
  • Oldest calculator: a TI-81 manufactured in August 1992
  • Newest calculator: a TI-82 Advanced Edition Python manufactured in June 2021
  • Achievements:
    • Total earned: 12 achievements (1 secret achievement)

Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
K 0113 pre-A 1014032536 4.2 (Boot code 4.0) Good 2013
L 0315 pre-A 1033065085 (Boot code Good 2015 Il manque un petit coussinet de caoutchouc sur le couvercle.
P 0411 P 2848141477 2.43 (Boot code 1.03) Good CD(s) 2021-08-10
CNA22103F5 Fair CD(s) 2013
A 4CY34205QK 2.1.14596 (2021 10 01) Good CD(s) 2013
Good 2009
A7842105Q10405A Good 2008
(A122808) 800222 R/H B 02.00.0300 Good Manual(s), CD(s) 2009
755AW0XMA005355 03.11.3200 Good CD(s) 2011-01 Has Quebec Nordique National Hockey League stickers on the back, front and slidecase. Also under some light sources like a TV screen the LCD protector or the LCD itself shows a noticeable rainbow glare when turned off, like on some HP 49g calcs.
A1155832010511A Good Manual(s) 2009
L 0621 pre-A 1067009485 Boot code, Base code New Box 2021-12-31
0G258903 Good 2022-02-11
D 9CJ920063L Good 2022-02-10
CNA 43902976 ROM v04.02 (Build 0106) Software: HP49-C v2.15 Good 2022-02-17 "2" key is quite loose
2022-02-14 The center of the screen is darker than the rest when the calculator is turned OFF, but the issue is almost nonexistent when the calculator is turned ON.
No serial ROM v.04.02 (Build 0110) Software: HP39-E v.2.22 Broken 2022-04-11 Unsure if it's genuine or counterfeit, and I accidentally bricked it anyway
CNA41307207 ROM v.03.54 (Build 0033) Software: HP39-D 1.55 Good 2022-05-02
P 0411 K 2859001148 3.10 Good Manual(s) 2022-08-13 It doesn't contain the nuclear codes.
S 0704 K 2255008710 1.6 Good 2023-03-06
I 0892 B 0823148 1.8K Good 2023-03-13
L 0221 R 1025014169 Worn 2023-08-11 Cracked screen protector in the top-left corner, although it's still very easy to see the screen content.
I 0300 U 1893000137 19.0 Good 2023-09-06