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MyCalcs is the ultimate graphing calculator collection management (and show-off) website!
Contributing also helps the community to document calculator software & hardware revisions over time!
Right now, MyCalcs has 469 collector profiles (341 having calcs), for a total of 4138 registered calculators (231 distinct out of 289 possible).

Collectors list

Get a peek of the available collector profiles, with an overview of their collection with various quick stats.

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A nice profile page

Your fancy profile page features basic info and stats about your collection, as well as the list of calculators with all of the info.

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Easily add calcs

From your profile, easily add calculators to your collection, with a form helping you fill out all the calculator info at once.

Quickly edit info

When you need to edit your collection, you can do so quickly by clicking the edit button then update values right in the table!

Calculator timeline

An interactive timeline of calculators release and discontinuation, highlighting those you already own.

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Latest additions

Allows you to find which collections recently got updated, by listing the latest 20 additions.

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Search tool

Allows you to search calculators, added by collectors, from model, variant, factory, revision, etc.

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Whoops, collecting graphing calculators just became competitive 👀 Try to get them all and reach the best scores!

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And more soon!

MyCalcs is constantly evolving, feel free to request features!
Here's what we have in mind for now:

  • A signature-image generator
  • A cross-collectors stats page
  • In-depth calculator information pages
  • ...