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Quick facts:

  • Count: 15 graphing calculators (10 distinct models), 3 of which are prototypes (2 distinct models) View collection picture
  • By series: 5x TI-eZ80, 1x TI-68k, 3x TI-Z80, 1x HP-ARM, 1x HP-Saturn, 2x Zero, 1x TI-Nspire, 1x Casio-Other
  • Oldest calculator: a TI-81 manufactured in March 1991
  • Newest calculator: a TI-84 Plus CE-T Python Edition manufactured in May 2020
  • Achievements:
    • Total earned: 13 (among which 0 feat of strength achievements and 0 secret achievements)

Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
TI-84 Plus CE
L 0315 pre-A 1036005229 BOOT: OS: Broken Manual(s) 2015-07-04 Has backlit keys, wireless charging, and music player with a speaker. My first calculator! Broken voltage regulator
TI-84 Plus CE
Positively Pink 
L 0418 L 1044010260 BOOT: OS: Good Manual(s) 2018-08-01
TI-84 Plus CE
Bright White 
L 0519 M 1055001127 BOOT: OS: New Box, Manual(s) 2019-08-18 Modded to have wireless charging.
TI-84 Plus CE Proto
Light Red (Mkt samples) 
M BOOT: OS: New 2020-05-02 My first prototype!
S 0503 F 2171002670 HW: 2.00 BOOT: 1.07b35 OS: 2.05 Good Manual(s), CD(s) 2020-10-11 Has a permanent scent of perfume.
L 0520 P 1054026257 BOOT: OS: POB: 3.10 Good Box, Manual(s) 2021-03-31 Modification topic: www.ceme.tech/t17210
TI-84 Plus
P 0408 K 2508013839 1.02 Good 2021-10-07
D BOOT: 2.060.650 OS: 2.1 Fair 2019-02-11 From Netherlands
2928A24921 Worn 2021-12
Zero Calculator Proto
207A36725631 1.0.143 Good Box, Manual(s) 2021-12-23
N 0220 AJ 3A01505136 OS Good 2022-01-13 From Romania
Zero Calculator Proto
New Box 2022-07-27
A114528 9Y307E Good 2023-01-09 My first Casio. Also has the code Z945-91 on it.
I 0391 pre-A 0302297 1.5K Good 2023-02-16
I 1292 B 1242319 1.8K Good 2023-02-19