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Quick facts:

  • Count: 17 graphing calculators (12 distinct models)
  • Total weight: ≈ 4.2 kg / 9.3 lbs.
  • By series: 16x TI (12x Z80, 2x eZ80, 1x 68k, 1x Other), 1x Casio
  • Oldest calculator: a TI-82 manufactured in October 1994
  • Newest calculator: a TI-82 STATS manufactured in June 2021
  • Achievements:
    • Total earned: 8 achievements

Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
N 0200 A 121435335 1.19 Poor 2018 Date is approximate, found abandoned. Old bezel design. No slide cover. After a few years of use pixels are often scrambled, but assembly programs run fine. Flashed with a new ROM, original OS version was 1.12.
L 0717 D 1072003856 1.19 Fair 2018 Date is approximate, bought new. New bezel design. No slide cover. Start guide is present but has a stain on the front cover.
S 0707 K 2874012482 1.19 Fair 2021-05 Bought used. Old bezel design.
I 0898 pre-A 03000125 Good 2022-02-11 Given by a friend whose parents no longer needed it. Flashed with a TI-89 Titanium ROM.
I 0898 J 70207071 10.0 Worn 2022-04-22 Bought used. Late bezel style. Condition is fair except for crack in bottom left corner, presumably from a fall. Instead of factory letter, written is "CBLI" and "MADE IN TAIWAN R.O.C."
N 0621 J 3455003553 1.11 New Box, Manual(s) 2022-07-14 Gifted new. Spotless condition. Package and start guides are present but package is cut open.
I 0395 A 03031588 3.0 Fair 2022-09-23 Bought used. Condition is good other than a few scratches and marks. Link port installed and opening cut but missing link components. Otherwise works.
P 0309 I 2547005926 1.91 Good 2022-10-17 Bought used. Condition is very good other than discolored slide cover.
I 1094 R 24077023 18.0 Poor 2022-11-02 Bought used. Early bezel style. Quite good physical condition, but many dead columns on LCD. Link port removed, not assembled.
L 0621 S 1065006894 Good Box 2023-02-05 Given by a friend who bought it new. Very good condition, drawing on slide cover. Cardboard part of package is creased but mostly intact.
N 0599 A 1.6 Good 2023-02-13 Bought used. Very good cosmetic condition but display is missing many rows. Currently working to fix this. No serial number is present.
C35400607 Worn 2023-09-15 No signs of life
6X303E ZX933 Good 2024-03-28
L 0517 D 1052017402 1.19 Worn 2023-12-20 Missing battery cover
K 0610 Q 1522099997 2.53MP Fair 2023-12-19 Missing slide cover
I 1297 F 08204122 1.4 Good 2023-12-21 Replacement for other one with flaky display, works 100%
P 0310 P 2735006728 2.53MP Good 2023-10-04