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Quick facts:

  • Count: 7 graphing calculators (7 distinct models) View collection picture
  • Total weight: ≈ 2.1 kg / 4.6 lbs.
  • By series: 7x TI (2x Nspire, 2x Z80, 2x 68k, 1x eZ80)
  • Oldest calculator: a TI-83 Plus manufactured in May 2004
  • Newest calculator: a TI-Nspire CX II CAS manufactured in November 2019
  • Achievements:
    • Total earned: 3 achievements (1 secret achievement)

Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
L 0417 I 1034101839 Good 2022 Found in a lost-and-found bin in a US history classroom. The charging LED stopped changing from orange to green, despite having it plugged in for hours.
PCB pics contributed
L 0417 AB 1042016302 2.55MP Good 2023 I traded my first calc (CE revision M) for this so my cousin has it now
P 0410 B 2048042262, now Fair 2023-07-08 Came without a battery cover or sliding cover. I hold the battery with tape. I used to use double-sided tape, but I have to use a screwdriver to remove the battery. I now use single-sided tape above the battery, providing more protection. Did come with a TI-84 Plus Keypad.
M 1119 AI 4965002837 OS; Boot ROM; Bootloader, then OS updated to 5.3.0 Good 2023-08-03 Had writing in marker along the back. The blue siding on the front had partially been covered in black marker. Thanks mom!
PCB pics needed, but I won't open it, so PLEASE give me the Secret Keeper achievement.
P 0716 R 2325005107 Boot 2.02 Build 2, OS 3.10 Broken 2023-10-10 CPU does not respond to keys, yet interrupts generated by pressing certain key combos work. Has writing "DOM" on battery cover, which isn't a good idea. DId not come with backup batteries.
S 0506 J 2106002990 3.1.0 07/18/2005 Good 2023-10-16 Some columns and rows, about 2 at a time, randomly switch to turning off for small (~10s) periods of time, but only happens infrequently. However, there are 2 consistent dead columns. Otherwise, it is in perfect condition.
S 0504 E 2511217644 Boot 1.01, OS 1.17 Broken 2023-10-17 Screen won't turn on. This was a gift from my Honors Geometry teacher because she didn't use it anymore. Unfortunately, I can't use it either :p Did not come with a slidecase, and one of the bumpers had to be taped back on. DOES come with backup batteries. (2024-03-14 UPDATE) It turned on, but couldn't do so consistently due to the battery erosion. The enter key doesn't work at all, so I will leave it with the broken status.