Mat Brener


Quick facts:

  • Count: 10 graphing calculators (10 distinct models), 0 of which are prototypes
  • By series: 1x NumWorks, 2x TI-68k, 4x TI-Z80, 1x TI-Nspire, 1x Casio-SH3, 1x Casio-SH4
  • Oldest calculator: N/A
  • Newest calculator: a TI-84 Plus manufactured in February 2017
  • Achievements:
    • Total earned: 5 (among which 0 feat of strength achievements and 0 secret achievements)

Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
EQABABNQU1RIMDMg 20.4.0 New Box, Manual(s), Faceplate(s) 2023-02-19 Also running Epsilon.
I 0604 E 1280003019 Good 2004-09-15 This is the calculator I used in grad school. Did not want to turn on, got new clock battery and turned on, but had many dead lines. Tried to see what was gong on and now won't turn on at all :(
P 1109 K 2687006219 3.10 Good 2023-02-06
L 0217 AB 105040685 2.55MP New 2023-04-10
P 0510 B 2058014349 2.54MP Fair 2023-04-10 I only have the TI-84 Plus keypad.
S 0103 K 20105004976 Broken 2023-04-10 Had three dead lines, now won't turn on.
I 0398 H 27675660 Good 2023-04-15 No cover.
Good Box, Manual(s) 2023-04-29
368BC936A004182 02.04.0701 New Box, Manual(s) 2023-04-19
838BC018A015718 03.21.3200 New 2023-04-19