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Quick facts:

  • Count: 2 graphing calculators (2 distinct models)
  • Total weight: ≈ 0.57 kg / 1.26 lbs.
  • By series: 2x TI
  • Oldest calculator: a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition manufactured in May 2009
  • Newest calculator: a TI-84 Plus manufactured in February 2019
  • Achievements:
    • Total earned: 2 achievements

Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
P 0509 M 2635083636 2.55 Good Preowned
L 0219 AD 1024053904 2.55 Fair appears to have been written onto with a pencil on the back.
something is all over the sides of the buttons exclusively. maybe its more pencil lead?