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Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
A035098 7QO413 R/H Good Mwyann
A113967 0Y303E Dominique-59
A117847 0Y303E Badaze
A121410 9Y307E Fair Only_2_Protos
A123842 0Y303E Badaze
A125558OY305E Good Schraf
A128416 9Y307E Badaze
Z946-91 A122489 9Y307E 1.00 critor
Z946-91 A122712 9Y307E 1.00 critor
GY351 A113594 0Y303E 1.05 Good cakeisalie5
Z946-02 A121061 0Y303E 1.02 Good illwieckz
ZX946 A118428 9Y307E ROM Version 1.00 Good Rémi