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Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
New in box iard
A004050 3Q10707A Badaze
A0379804Q11223A Good Radian_SQ1NXN
A0546116Q0825 New Richard M.
A055431 6Q0908 1.05 Good siealex
A068236 7Q0209 1.05 critor
A1035729Q0208 Good Laurent_B
G350-32(A080180)7Q1103 Good Radian_SQ1NXN
G350-32 A025045 4Q1080 9A 1.05 Good illwieckz
G350-32 A031615 4Q101 4A 1.05 Poor illwieckz
G350-32 A096529 8Q0918 1.05 Worn illwieckz
GY350 A068236 7QO209 1.05 Fair cakeisalie5
GY350 G350-11 A120232 1Y305E ROM Version 1.03 Good Rémi