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Quick facts:

  • Count: 38 graphing calculators (36 distinct models) View collection picture
  • Total weight: ≈ 11 kg / 24 lbs.
  • By series: 25x TI (15x Z80, 5x 68k, 3x Nspire, 1x eZ80, 1x Other), 8x HP (5x Saturn, 2x Other, 1x ARM), 3x Casio, 1x Catiga, 1x Durabrand
  • Oldest calculator: a TI-85 manufactured in July 1993
  • Newest calculator: a TI-Nspire CX II CAS manufactured in April 2020
  • Achievements:
    • Total earned: 18 achievements (2 secret achievements)

Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
? C810A6C066800CB_62 OS 03.60.0202 Worn Manual(s) 2022-12-07 Way better than the TI-84 Plus CE; I also really like the UI since I also really like the TI-86 UI. Brother damaged it -_-
P 0412 L 2956003915 Flash OS 3.10 New 2023-02-02 Bought off E-Bay from someone listing it as a TI-86. For sure paid less than I otherwise would have, given that it's in almost perfect condition.
? D 9CJ01600FL OS 2.1.14603 Good Manual(s) 2021-12-25 Second Christmas calculator. Really nice to use, and I've convinced a number of classmates going into various fields in college where it might help to buy one. I hate how often it crashes.
P 0113 L 3444004541 Flash ROM 1.19 New 2023-03-06 I really like the flat screen, rather than it being set in.
? New Manual(s) 2022-12-27 Funny impulse purchase. There's no serial number or anything on it, and as far as I can tell Catiga doesn't really exist on the Internet aside from selling this and the other model exactly.
S 1002 A 2151013438 ROM 1.10001 Good 2023-03-02 Early hardware revision, and really funky looking. Not a huge fan.
L 0818 L 1085038097 Flash ROM Fair 2018 This is actually my second TI-84 Plus CE. My first one was an early revision, but was washed out after the teachers required we leave our stuff outside during a tornado watch.
? C805A9W002680BA_E2 OS 02.01.7301.0000 New Manual(s) 2022-12-25 I do have the stylus, but God help me if I damage/lose it. Third Christmas calculator, and probably the last unless I manage to convince my grandparents to get me an HP-50G.
I 0697 B 02405869 ROM 1.2 Fair 2023-02-18 My second attempt at buying a TI-86. I enjoy using it, but man is it slow.
I 1293 E 1220853 ROM 2.0V Good 2023-03-02 This one is fun to see people react to because its just so archaic.
I 0595 R 31517791 ROM 19.0 Good Manual(s) 2023-02-25 First calculator I bought for collections' sake, rather than to use. I do find programming for it fun and have written my own statistics suite for it. I also intend to, at some point, look at some assembly programming to add arbitrary x-value calculation for the graph math features.
M 0420 AK 4A00000278 OS Worn Manual(s) 2020-12-25 First of three Christmas calculators in a row. I hate how fracking slow it is.
S 0405 B 2091022970 ROM 1.10001 Good 2023-04-10 Literally just a TI-83.
? C838B7C211317BB_62 OS 03.60.3200 New Manual(s) 2023-04-13 I like it a lot -- I just wonder why the heck they didn't copy the History Copy feature over to the fx-CG50? Feels like a wasted opportunity and/or stupid move.
I 0793 C 0751815 ROM 8.0 Good 2023-04-25 A very clear predecessor to the TI-86, and while it's missing a lot of what I like about the '-86, it's still very nice, and it has the boxy TI-81/82 shell that I like for some reason.
S 0507 pre-A 2016031282 OS Poor 2023-04-28 Given to me by my Freshman Algebra I teacher on Senior Day. Thought it didn't work but actually does, and just has a bad screen.
P 1009 I 2248004913 OS Good 2023-05-05 I flippin' hate the UI on this thing. Like holy crap. Who thought this was a good idea? Goodness forbid you wanna use the whole screen.
I 0600 D 1360016553 Flash OS 2.09 Worn 2023-05-06 Not great condition (missing feet and has scratches) but works perfectly.
I 0401 A 1280V04383 Flash OS 2.09 New 2023-05-13 Very useful with Mathtools and ASI. The ASISFLIB instructions show functions in neither Mathtools nor ASISFLIB, and I was wondering if anyone knew where those came from? Thanks.
P 1209 K 2431002642 Flash OS 3.10 Good 2023-05-30 Way smaller than I thought it would be.
Bad connection between power and MB means it loses RAM on the slightest bump.
? 3047S03778 New 2023-06-08 Working battery cover!
? ID81206376 ROM R New 2023-06-17 The KEYS!!!!
But it's really slow.
? D84300697 Poor 2023-07-17 Not in great condition but oh well. Still works just fine, minus an issue with getting contact on the batteries.
? 2916A12854 Good 2023-07-18 Though it was a BII... still mostly the same.
? B ID94201740 HP49-B Revision 1.19-6 Good 2023-08-08 I hate the menus
They're f*$!ing awful
I hate the UI
I think I hate this thing more than the NSpire
I 1295 pre-A V0402912 Firmware 1.4 Good Manual(s) 2023-05-05 Very bulky. Also my hardcover doesn't want to stay on =(
S 0403 C 2094031294 Flash ROM v1.19 Worn 2023-10-28 Battery cover broken and the ( key worn completely off
S 0607 G 2474014590 Flash OS 1.90 New 2023-10-29 Good as new!
S 0306 G 2355023448 Flash OS 1.90 Fair 2023-11-02 Worse condition than the other one, but since I'd rather have that one, and can't return this one, even though the other one was supposed to be a regular -73, I have two 73Es.
I 0698 C 39002758 ROM 4.0 New 2023-11-04 Works great, and looks great.

But we knew that.
S 0103 C 2095000408 Flash OS 1.60 New 2023-11-24 My second try. Last one was listed as a -73 but a -73E was sent.
S 0704 A 2054022743 Flash ROM 2.21 Good Faceplate(s) 2023-11-24 Seems like the -/Ans key is stuck
Update: Fixed! Took a lot of ""very scientific"" application of pencil graphite and quite a bit of contact bending, plus corrosion cleaning, and finally straight up bending the PCB.
I 1197 E 07225172 ROM 1.4 Good 2023-12-01 May get gutted one day to make a TI-85(6).
? Poor 2023-12-01 Just a stupid Casio clone.
K 0514 H 1164103852 Flash ROM 4.2 Good Faceplate(s) 2024-01-20 Slow. Lmao.
K 0410 Q 1502008737 Flash OS 2.53MP Good 2024-02-15 My last z80, the humble TI-84 Plus.
Previous owner etched name into back.
? 3601S00519 ROM R Good 2024-02-16 Slow, but slightly faster than my G. Also more RAM. Will be killer with ALG48 and INT.
3528S05166 HP-38A Poor 2024-03-13 Flip case still attached.
Has common condition where the space above the 2nd function button must be held down for ON to register. That or excessive force.