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College student who enjoys computer programming and, of course, calculators.
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Collection Calculators Accessories

Quick facts:

  • Count: 12 graphing calculator accessories (8 distinct models) View collection picture
  • Total weight: at least ≈ 0.13 kg / 0.29 lbs.
  • By group: 7x TI (4x battery, 1x cable, 1x keypad, 1x 92 Module), 5x HP (2x case, 2x printer, 1x extcard)
  • Oldest accessory: a TI-92 ROM Module manufactured in December 1995
  • Newest accessory: a TI-Calculator Li-ion Battery (without wires) manufactured in April 2018
  • Achievements:
    • Total earned: 18 achievements (2 secret achievements)

Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Extras Acquisition date Pic Comment
New 2023-02-23
Good 2023-06-17 Came with 48G
Good 2023-04-28
I 1295 G 1.4 New 2023-05-03
3049S50787 Fair 2023-07-17 Has issue with infrared receiver, causing garbage to be displayed.
3029S50338 Good Manual(s) 2023-07-28 Case is also in good condition.
S 1215 623 14733 N/A New 2016 My from my old TI-84 Plus CE that died in a rainstorm
S 0418 N25 00122 N/A Good 2018 From 1085038097 L-0818L
EL200219MPVs03254 N/A New 2020-12-25 From 4A00000278 M-0420AK
S 0114 509 02007 N/A New 2024-01-20 It's a battery.
From 1164103852 K-0514H
Worn 2024-02-16 Came with 48GX.
N/A Poor 2024-02-20 Not an HP-branded card, but bought from a third party. Arrived in nonfunctional condition, but after getting a refund I decided to figure out how to fix it. Works but is still kinda gross.