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Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
Good Oliv!er
Good wzc
HP 39gII Proto
ExistOS+KhiCAS parisse
New ycardon
Klaas Kuperus
HP 39gII Proto
38/45 15/jun/20[11] rechlin
HP 39gII Proto
57/150 Broken rechlin
HP 39gII Proto
62/150 24/jun/20[11] rechlin
CNA22103XT Version 09/May/2012 Revision 16633 Good Dominique-59
CNA2240071 Good Mwyann
CNA224008M Good david49
CNA22400PC critor
CNA238006W 3rd-party firmware: ExistOS Fair yuuki410
CNA23800M9 Good dasabi
CNA24303YB New Manitou
CNA3020QZ8 New Laurent_B
CNA3020RMW critor
No Serial Malachite