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Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
New redgl0w
New Afyu
3.50 Good mb88
03.30.2200 New in box Richard M.
Good Manitou
New DiMartino
835AC088B260250 03.30.2200 New SlyVTT
835AC932A014176 Broken Lephe
835AC932A014456 03.60.2200 Good LoKiki56
835AC93EA073644 03.60.2200 Good WatchDCPixel
835AC95HA1911500 03.60.2200 Fair Saterz
835AC96HA217779 Broken Saterz
C835A7C119982BA_81 Good Schraf
0121 835AC118A289558 Boot 2018.1016.1201 critor
0319 835AC932A004637 Boot 2018.1016.1201 critor