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Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
Fair Richard M.
Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS
Overhead (RM-9000)
Worn gwstaten
Marko Serbia
Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS
TV output (VI-9850GB PLUS)
0D407E 1.0 critor
0Y310F Good Bongo50
Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS
Overhead (RM-9000)
4Q11225A Boot 1.0 + OS fx-9850GB+G 1.0 critor
Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS
Overhead (RM-9000)
5Q10202A Good Insert Coin
8Y203F 1.0 Good illwieckz
A122873 2010112A Good powloczacykijem82
A136761 2Q10701A 1.0 Good siealex
A2799123Q10306A Good Insert Coin
a3372333Q10517A KermMartian
G357-21 A136257 2Q10322A Good CatCulator
G357-21 A137637 2Q10323A Worn CatCulator
G357-21 A137885 2Q10323A Worn CatCulator
G357-21 A137888 2Q10323A Worn CatCulator
G357-21 A137901 2Q10323A Fair CatCulator
G357-21 A137902 2Q10323A Worn CatCulator
G357-21 A137942 2010323A Worn CatCulator
G357-21 A142708 2Q10327A Worn CatCulator
G357-21 A142723 2Q10327A Fair CatCulator
G357-21 A144415 2Q10327A Good CatCulator
G357-21 A144435 2Q10327A Good CatCulator
G357-21 A144450 2Q10327A Good CatCulator
G357-21 A182290 2Q10517A Good CatCulator
G357-21 A182303 2Q10517A Fair CatCulator
G357-21 A182364 2Q10517A Fair CatCulator
G359-21 A222755 3Q10902A Good Only_2_Protos
N/A Good LogicalJoe
Z939-92 Good KnightsWhoSayNi
Z939-92 orokro
Z939-92 Good Only_2_Protos
Z939-92 Good Radian_SQ1NXN
Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS
Overhead (RM-9000)
0704 4Q10705A Boot 1.0 + OS fx-9850GB+G 2.0 critor
GY357 A174912 2Q10510A ROM Version 1.0 New in box Rémi
ZX939 Z939-92 ROM Version 2.0 Fair Rémi