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Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
Worn Oliv!er
HP48-R Good LifeEmu
HP48-R New LifeEmu
Good iard
Good NinoTls
3344S07653 HP 48_M, 1993 Good ewshore
3422S05565 Fair Laurent_B
3436S05688 Good illwieckz
3440S00389 HP48-R Good david49
3441S044xx Fair Manitou
3519S00664 HP48-R Good diversionmary
354080038 Thom986
3540S09542 HP48-R Good Only_2_Protos
3629S060xx Good Manitou
ID83300621 Fair Richard M.
SG71300427 R New Laurent_B
1997 Good ElectricBullet
? ID81206376 ROM R New HobbitJack