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Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
New Oliv!er
Broken mr womp womp
HP 50g
Blue (European Market)
Broken mr womp womp
Broken mr womp womp
Good ycardon
Good Schraf
Good Schraf
HP 50g Proto Recond
Blue (European Market)
2.15 Worn heavens_above
HP 50g
Blue (European Market)
Good Richard M.
Good MrGi
Good martinfaulkner
Klaas Kuperus
HP 50g
Blue (European Market)
Klaas Kuperus
03304258 Hooloovoo
CNA 01103883 C-2.15 critor
CNA 3301 MZX Good kaa971
CNA 71004363 2.15 Good klesl
CNA 721 051 94 Good kaa971
CNA 80701842 CrunchyNerdy
HP 50g
Blue (European Market)
CNA03307378 2.15 Good Manitou
CNA03807953 2.15 Fair Scrobotasaurus
CNA2210042 2.15 Good Mwyann
HP 50g
Blue (European Market)
CNA221036R Good Manitou
CNA238024R Good Manitou
CNA3131QRJ HP50-C Revision #2.15 Good bb010g
CNA34414HS 2.15 Good HighByte79
CNA4210L5G MatheusLima
CNA502002F HP50 #2.15 New Tajoxjan
CNA50207VB Good Manitou
CNA51306KM 2.15 Good Scrobotasaurus
CNA5262T63 New Richard M.
CNA54110YQ Good Manitou
CNA61100011 Good rechlin
CNA62800DF HP50-C Revision #2.15 New david49
CNA65100429 Good Manitou
CNA70006330 2.08 Good Rémi
CNA71002938 rechlin
CNA73302408 2.15 Good PPhenolOxidase
CNA74208737 New in box Manitou
CNA746000114 2.15 Good Laurent_B
CNA91100621 ROM 2.15, version C-2.15 New in box ggauny
CNA94903963 2.15 Good Mwyann
HP 50g Proto
none Good rechlin