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Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
Good iard
Marko Serbia
New Mwyann
HP 49G Proto
1D91200088 Good rechlin
CN03403139 2.10-7 Good Mwyann
CN03408580 Good rechlin
CN15000810 1.19-6 Good astrid
CN31900526 1.18 New Richard M.
ID 92900499 HP49-B 1.19-6 Good illwieckz
ID01400623 2.10-7 Good Mwyann
ID92901590 2.10-7 Fair Mwyann
ID92901886 Good Laurent_B
ID93105906 HP49-C Revision #1.05 Good Dominique-59
ID93203634 Good Schraf
ID93407294 HP49-C Revision #1.18 Worn david49
ID93502951 New in box Manitou
ID93503137 1.05 Good rickh57
ID93602136 Good Laurent_B
ID93603736 2.10-7 Poor Mwyann
ID93800990 2.10-7 Good Mwyann
ID94601377 HP49-B REVISION #1.19-5 Dominique-59
ID94804833 Fair Adriweb
ID95002839 Good Manitou
? B ID94201740 HP49-B Revision 1.19-6 Good HobbitJack