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Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
New in box Oliv!er
jagc161 New amrydm.94
N Benoît.elf
N 1218 AE Lionel Debroux
N 1218 AE 3895004645 Fair stig124
N 1218 AE 3895013101 OS : Boot ROM : Boot Loader : New Ti64CLi++
N 0119 AF New in box iard
N 0119 AF 3905002033 New Adriweb
N 0119 AF 3905004080 critor
N 0319 AG 3925002453 OS Version: - Boot ROM: - Boot Loader Version: New UDXS
N 0519 AH 3945008836 BootROM critor
N 1119 AI 3995002943 New Dubs
N 1119 AI 3995003812 New in box TIny_Hacker
N 0220 AJ 3A01505136 OS Good TheLastMillennial
N 0320 AK 3A02002129 BootROM critor
N 0420 AK 3A03004621 OS Boot ROM Boot Loader 5.13.110 Good Caesar TheDarkBomber
N 0620 AK 3A04507147 Good SlyVTT
N 0620 AK 3A04513034 New redgl0w
N 0620 AK 3A04515116 Good CaptainLuigi
N 0422 AP 3A21502321 BootROM critor
N 0422 AP 3A21510629 New in box BrightonDutson
N 0522 AP 3A22500632 Thomas21