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Calculator model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
New BrandonW
Fair ewshore
K 157 Boot critor
K 303 Boot critor
K K-DVT-110 unknown Broken mr womp womp
K N/A N/A K-DVT-211 Fair mr womp womp
L 0717 A 1075002275 Good Zocipal
L 0718 B New in box Adriweb
L 0217 pre-A 1025040945 Good Adriweb
L 0315 pre-A 1015012137 Good Adriweb
L 0317 pre-A 1035047605 / Good Adriweb
L 0415 pre-A 1065020214 / Good Adriweb
L 0415 pre-A 1065090079 New in box Adriweb
L 0416 pre-A 1042000283 Fair Neyghene
L 0517 pre-A 1052008790 5.0.0..0028 Good Luckyluka17