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Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
Good Schraf
Casio ClassPad 300
Overhead (RM-ClassPad 300)
Broken mr womp womp
Marko Serbia
435AQ0XJA277915 KermMartian
A111384 1.00.0000 Fair Manitou
A112198 03.06.3000 New Laurent_B
A116167 1.00.000 Good Only_2_Protos
A116919 Good Adriweb
A117170 3M104A 10530 03.00.3500 Fair illwieckz
A120695 Badaze
A122484 1.00.0000 Good david49
A125041 critor
P0058694Q10803A 01.24.0000 New Richard M.
P120926 3Q11108A 02.20.3000 Good powloczacykijem82