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52 results

Model Factory Datecode HW Rev. Serial number Software version(s) Physical condition Photo Owner
New in box BrandonW
4935017581 yuliett kiessling
? 0718 DVT1100033 Boot1: Boot2: OS: Good mr womp womp
L 0419 AH New CoolnessBeans
M 0119 AF Boot ROM / Bootloader / OS New in box arbitraryusername314
M 0119 AF 4905004076 New ewshore
M 0119 AF 4905004286 Good gwstaten
M 0119 AF 4905014554 OS 5.3 Good Malachite
M 0119 AF 4905019695 OS New Sam
M 0119 AF 4905027530 Good Videblu
M 0319 AG Good vklonis
M 0319 AG 4925006805 Good CVSoft
M 0419 AH 4935007019 Good PPhenolOxidase
M 0419 AH 4935029947 16aroth6
M 0120 AI 4985007083 New Irish
M 1119 AI 4965002837 OS; Boot ROM; Bootloader, then OS updated to 5.3.0 Good clevor
M 1219 AI 4975003702 Good psm
M 1219 AI 4975009397 Good Me23
M 0320 AK 4995007930 Decimation
M 0320 AK 4995011332 Good beepbeeplookout
M 0420 AK 4A00000278 OS Worn HobbitJack
M 0420 AK 4A00000789 Good boymoderAscetic
M 0420 AK 4A00004720 MARCoat
M 0420 AK 4A00005517 Boot ROM:, Boot Loader:, OS: New KnightsWhoSayNi
M 0420 AK 4A00009132 New NoahK
M 0321 AL 4A08506631 New JakeSparkleChicken
M 0421 AL 4A09504023 New tristanruel
M 0521 AN 4A10509516 Good yao
M 0521 AN 4A10510780 Good Applmac
M 0921 AO 4A12502155 OS: Good Mysterione
M 1221 AO 4A13503528 New Cry0
M 0123 AP New in box derationalize
M 0222 AP 4A14502418 New in box josheewa
M 0222 AP 4A14502662 New RubiusTwon
M 0222 AP 4A14509811 New Richard M.
M 0222 AP 4A14511828 Good saladin
M 0222 AP 4A14514127 New RedDragon05
M 0422 AP 4A16504926 OS: Boot ROM: Boot Loader: New in box DenisDziganchuk
M 0422 AP 4A16507510 Good drakeerv
M 0422 AP 4A16507990 New zonyi1423
M 0552 AP 4a175066 New Dellveloper
M 0622 AP 4A18510739 New BitUniverse
M 0622 AP 4A18510911 New muzzypat
N 0622 5.4 New raccoonc
N 1118 AE Worn Vogtinator
N 1118 AE 3885014196 BootROM critor
N 1021 AO 3A15506050 New dasabi